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zçubwaeb capella university understands nurses are dealing with a than wider range of issues. and there are ever-changing regulations. when you see these challenges, do you want to back away or take charge? with a degree in the field of healthcare or nursing from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at talkback question for you today. what's killing the tea party?
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the tea party is killing the tea party because they're outside of the american mainstream and the reality of the american political system. this from tim. most rational people are tired and disgust we'd the continued extremism from either side of the political spectrum. we want adults, not children running things. this from barry. i had no idea they were dying. in mainstream, middle america, they are alive and well. and karen, the tea party is dying? really? you wish. there is half a nation that's angry at what's happening and a good many are tea party. obama keeps it up and the tea party will continue to flourish. keep the conversation going. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with ashleigh banfield. thanks, carol. and hi, everybody. nice to have you with us. it's 11:00 in the east. and now come the funerals and the arrests. the grief and incrimination, all of it in the wake of a terrible nightclub inferno in brazil. more than 200 people dead and one american says these horrific
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fires will continue to happen until authorities insist on sprinklers. we are also watching the border at this hour. our border, and capitol hill. and what could be a breakthrough in a hugely divisive debate. that's where we start this hour, immigration. specifically, immigration reform. it has been a very tough slog, even before the political landscape turned so incredibly toxic. but now this bipartisan group of senators on your screen, they're unveiling a wide ranging compromise that includes a so-called path to citizenship for roughly 11 million immigrants who are in this country illegally. the senators are due to brief reporters this afternoon. give us some of the details. all of this one day before president obama unveils his own ideas in las vegas. joining me now with more on both fronts cnn chief congressional correspondent dana bash and also
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our white house correspondent brianna keilar. dana, i want to start with you. walk me through the details here and why this seems like such a surprise. >> well, let's start with some of what is in this bipartisan proposal. first, what they call, we're using their words for a reason, tough but fair path to citizenship. that is clearly what we're going to hear this afternoon, tough but fair, because path of citizenship is such a sticky issue. then they say they are going to put laws in place to attract the world's best and brightest. meaning they will do their best to still allow people into this country who want to work hard and can do well for the country. then, improve employment verification, or e-verification. this is something that is critically important to a lot of pushers of comprehensive immigration reform and also a lot of conservatives. then allow immigrants to fill low-skill jobs. that's important to democrats and republicans in big
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agriculture producing states. another thing i should mention is they are definitely also putting big emphasis on border supreme court by. that is another thing that republicans very much push and say that is the first and most important aspect of any comprehensive immigration bill. some of the details still have to be worked out, and sources who were familiar with this process who started right after the election, do say that some of the details of path to citizenship or border security are sort of left on the table and that is something that you never know. these are the kinds of things that are probably the most explosive and could blow up the whole thing. >> it's not the first time we've had a conversation about proposals to solve tim inauguration problem in this country. in fact, in 2007 there was a similar proposal, the dream act failed in 2010. so now all of a sudden what has changed? >> the november election. i mean, if you just look at the way mitt romney did or maybe more importantly the way barack obama did with latino voters,
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first of all, it was the biggest that you see. obama, 71%. romney, 27%. and not just that, it was latino voters were 16% of the electorate which was by far the biggest percentage of the electorate. republicans, you even heard them over the weekend. john mccain himself said it was a wake-up call. that's why i'm told that lindsey graham, the senator from south carolina, who has kind of been in and out of putting comprehensive immigration reform, gone on the phone right after the election with democrat chuck schumer and said let's revive our bipartisan talks. they had a meeting shortly thereafter in november and then they've had a total i'm told five meetings since then. the last one was last wednesday. ands that when they decided to go ahead with this. and chuck schumer actually called the president last night to say that we're going to push this. you mentioned 2007. one thing that i'm going to be fascinated by is i was actually sitting in the same exact room that they're going to be in today back in 2007 when they had this big bipartisan event, ted kennedy was there, john mccain
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was there. of course, that went south big time. it will be sbvery interesting t see how they refer to that and see how different things are, particularly are republicans. >> i want to bring in brianna keilar at the white house. i wasn't quite sure how to take this, pre-empting the president by one day. was that that snarky or was that something that the white house is on board on this and it actually gives some more power to the president with his message tomorrow? >> well, i think that's how the white house looks at it, ashleigh. obviously you have top democrats involved in what's going on on the hill, and so i think there's kind of a sense of building momentum around this issue in general that the white house will welcome. president obama met on friday or spoke on friday, i should say, with the congressional hispanic caucus. that was ahead of what he's doing tomorrow. he's already put out his immigration plan but he's trying to build support for it, highlight it. he will head to las vegas to get that going tomorrow. but his plan, i will tell you,
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is similar to the senate plan. but there are some key differences and they have to do with that pathway to citizenship. we're expecting to learn more about exactly what the differences are. but the pathway to citizenship and also border security. as you heard dana mention there, ashleigh, these are the hottest of the hot button issues. so these differences are really something to pay attention to as we t get more details. >> maybe somewhat as dana had written in some notes earlier, somewhat of an insurance policy in case this current proposal doesn't get traction. i want to switch gears only because we have you there standing in the rain. there is going to be a flurry of activity and, again, the issue of gun control today at the white house. give me a quick run down, very quickly. >> that's right. the president and the vice president along with t. attorney general eric holder and the secretary of homeland security janet napolitano is meeting with law enforcement representative and also, this is something that gets attention, police chiefs from aurora, colorado, from oak
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creek, wisconsin, and from newtown, connecticut, to talk about gun violence today. the president dealing obviously with another hot button issue here of gun violence. but the white house as they're looking at significant pushback from gun rights advocates like the nra, they're trying to build some support with law enforcement behind some of the proposals that president has recently put out, ashleigh. that includes background checks, making them universal so e6b if there's private sales that people have to go through a background check to purchase a gun. and also the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban and try and limit the high capacity magazines as well as making more resources available for mental health. they're trying to build some support. that's really what this meeting happening this hour at the white house is all about. >> we can call them officials but from that -- from those particular jurisdictions you can bet that will be very emotional at the white house. brianna keilar, thank you. my thanks to dana bash, as well. reminder to you as well, folks, this thursday night anderson cooper has a very special "ac 360" town hall
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special. it's going to be the examination of the second amendment and the push for gun control. can there be a solution to america's gun problem? tune in at 8:00 p.m. eastern this thursday right here on cnn. i want to turn to another top story we mentioned at the beginning of the newscast. it's a sad, sad story. and it is a frequent story. now police in brazil are beginning to make arrests in that horrifying nightclub fire that killed 231 people, most of them college kids enjoying the last day of their summer vacation. the bar they chose had only one exit. that bar was jam packed to double its capacity. about 2,000 people inside. the band on the stage using pyrotechnics and the ceiling coated with flammable sound proofing. there's word that people trying to run their their lives were actually blocked by bouncers who thought they were trying to skip out on their bills. all of this happened in the
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southern college city of santa maria. many people died choking on the thick black smoke. other people died trampled in the stampede for that one exit, one exit. shasta darlington has been gathering more details. >> reporter: ashleigh, the latest news we've gotten from brazilian tv is that three people have been arrested in relation to the investigation. one was a club owner, the nightclub where this tragic fire took place, and also two of the band members that were playing there that were involved in a pyrotechnics show. now, today, things are fairly quiet around here. but early sunday morning, it was a totally different story. smoke filled the air when the first firefighters entered the nightcl nightclub, where shirtless men were already trying to rescue some of the injured. emergency vehicles arrived not realizing the extent of the tragedy they faced. chaos and terror among
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survivors, and the bodies all around. the fire broke out about 2:00 in the morning at a nightclub called kiss in santa whmaria. it was packed with some 2,000 people, twice the legal capacity, according to officials. >> translator: people inside the facility informed was when they came out that security guards blocked the exit to prevent people there from leaving. and that's when the crowd started panicking and tragedy grew worse. >> reporter: this is santa maria's local gymnasium but it's been turned into a makeshift morgue. there are more than 100 bodies here, hundreds of families have come together trying to locate and identify their relatives who were, of course, young people in their late teens, early 20s. they died of asphyxiation and some of them were even trampled to death. as the coffins for the many victims were lined up, investigators searched for the cause of the fire, which tore through the sound proofing insulation in the roof.
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brazilian president cut short her appearance at a summit in chile and headed to santa maria to personally oversee the government's response to the tragedy. it was the end of the summer holiday season in brazil. the last chance to party for many young people due back at school or work on monday. now this is going to also be a day of funerals. they've already started across town at the cemetery, ashleigh, just one after the other, with this whole town of santa maria mourning for them. >> shasta darlington reporting for us in brazil. unbelievable pictures out of santa maria. for many people who live in this country it sounds familiar. what happened in brazil is triggering a lot of memories of what happened at the rhode island station nightclub fire. these flames sparked also by pyrotechnics, swept through the station nightclub west warrick. 100 people died there in 2003. 200 people were injured there.
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one of the two brothers who owned the club was sentenced to four years in prison. the other brother got a suspended sentence. joining us now from providence, rhode island, is gino russo who suffered burns from the nightclub fire. she was in a coma for 11 weeks. her fiance did not survive that fire. this the k. not be easy for you to see this kind of news. >> no, it not. it's really difficult, especially because we're coming up on our ten-year anniversary of our tragedy and it's disheartening to know that ten years later that no one's learned a lesson. pretty scary. >> i want to just make note. you look terrific. and i know that you have been through hell. >> thank you. >> and i think a lot of people forget, there were a lot of people injured that survived that horrible fire. there were 100 deaths, but 200 people like you who were terribly injured. can you just describe for me some of the injuries that you
8:14 am
went through and how your life has changed? >> sure. burned over 40% of my body. my arms are burned third degree and my head was actually burned fourth degree. so it burned right to the skull. what you see right now is me with a wig. i will wear one for the rest of my life. it took about a year for the head wounds to close on their own. they couldn't graft them. the rest of my arms and my back were grafted from skin taken from my legs. i've had 54 surgeries. my last one was last december where they had to remove an old graft and put in a new one. and i honestly will be having these surgeries for the rest of my life. >> you'll have these for the rest of your life? >> absolutely. certain people's skin type, my skin type, i developed what are call keliod scarring. the scarring builds up a very thick scar band and once the scar band gets so hard and tight, i have to have it surgically removed.
8:15 am
they do something called zplasty once in a while, they manipulate the skin. this is for the rest rest of my life. this is my life now. ten years later. i have made the best of it i'm blessed to be alive. but the reality is, i'll go through this for the rest of my life. >> i know we do have video of you from back in february of 2003 but before i air it i want to make sure that people are well aware that it is graphic. it's difficult to watch. but i think it does underscore how far you have come in these ten years. these pictures of your injuries and clearly when i say you've been to hell and back, it's unbelievable to see what you survived and how you survived this. and at the same time, i'm thinking of all of those people right now in brazil who are only beginning this -- this journey. what are they going to go through? >> you know, they're so new at this, this is so brand new. they haven't even wrapped their head around the fact that people have passed away or they've got
8:16 am
people hospitalized. dealing with the burns itself is life altering and you have to adjust. you have to learn how to accept the new person that you are. someone told me ten years ago i have to mourn the person that i was before february 20th, let that person go and accept the new me. and i've been fortunate. i have. it's taken me some time. but this is so brand new for them, they haven't even begun to understand the -- the ramifications of this and the 230 that have passed away, those families, they've t got a lot -- lot to do ahead of them. there's a lot that they're going to go through. and we want them to know here in rhode island that they're t not alone. they are definitely in our thoughts and prayers. >> gina, i just look at the list and just a very short amount of research. we pulled up fires from '03, '04, '08, '09, cull all-them, kg
8:17 am
in the hundreds. this one in brazil is like a carbon copy. you're the president of the station fire memorial foundation. and there's a lot more to your story. first of all, i hope the best for you and i hope that as you move forward in this journey it becomes less of a struggle for you and for your fellow rhode island nightclub patrons who survived. >> thank you. thank you very much. yeah, we -- you know, i've been very blessed and i'm surrounded by some incredible people. we're looking forward to finally honoring our 100 who passed away. >> gina russo. i want to remind people as well, gina, that you've got further thoughts on gina's written something called "echos of the past, rhode island victims, can't help but watch."s . but one dark stormy evening... she needed a good meal and a good family. so we gave her purina cat chow complete. it's the best because it has something for all of our cats! and after a couple of weeks she was part of the family.
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. it is january 28th. and i tell you the date because i want you to think back for a moment as to what you were up to halloween. actually specifically like a week before halloween. it's a long time a, go right? really hard to remember what you were doing. and i want you to think that way because there are people still wait for relief three months after hurricane sandy. that's what happened the week before halloween. and that's how long they've been
8:21 am
waiting for help. and now help could be coming soon in the form of $50 billion. a federal aid package to be specific. the senate is scheduled to vote today on this very long delay. may i say again, the week before halloween. highly anticipated sands difficult relief package but that aid can't come fast enough for people who are getting through this horrible cold front standing by heaters. trying to rebuild their homes. trying to rebuild their lives. but more importantly, they're just trying to keep warm. jason carroll is right now on staten island. you know, it's hard to believe that it has been this long and that they have suffered through all of the indignities of losing your home and waiting for aid and then this cold snap. what are they saying about this when you talk to them? >> reporter: well, they're december stated. you see evidence of that here on hampton street in staten island. this street when you take a look at that vacant lot there, ashlei ashleigh, it was a house. still decisions being made as to
8:22 am
whether or not the other houses here will be demolished. still working on this one. take a look outside at this house here. i mean, this is fran spano's home. she's working to try to get things back on track where she lives. she rode out the storm here in this neighborhood. and if you look at the inside of her house you can see t not enough really has happened here. they managed to get everything out of the house, still a lot of decisions to be made. still wait for the aid that you so desperately need. >> yes, jason. thank god for the volunteers. the volunteers helped me gut out my home. but as you can see, i need a lot more in this home. plumbing, electric, boiler. i'm also had my second spinal surgery, and it's hard for me to pay for all of this here. i'm on temp disability and i need help over here. >> what are you hoping will --
8:23 am
when they hopefully, if this financial aid package is passed, and the aid comes through and eventually trickles down, what are you hope that you will get out of this aid? >> i'm hoping i get my home back. i'm hoping i get my life back, back to some normal, you know, everyone on the block, we're all coming back. this is our home. this is our neighborhood. and it's a very nice neighborhood. >> that's what we're trying to point out, ashleigh, that's what we're trying to point out here. there are so many people in this area of staten island, not just that, but new jersey as well but that are dealing with this, trying to get their homes back, trying to make a decision whether to condemn the home, rebuild. >> i don't want to condemn my home. in the process of try og rebuild, if anybody hears me out there, like i said, i need so many things and anything that you have to give me is greatly appreciated. i hope -- i want to come back in
8:24 am
the home and start my life. >> all right. fran spano, thank you for being with us. once again, ashleigh, a lot of people out here are going to be watching, waiting to see what happens in washington later today. this really is the 11th hour for so many people who are out here in staten island. >> jason, where is fran staying right now? i thought when you were going to walk in that house it was a damaged house but she can't even live in there. >> reporter: no, she is not living here. like so many people fran right now is living in temporary housing. and the city has done -- to try to do something to give people a stipend for rent but your rent is $1300 in addition to paying your mortgage. imagine paying $1300, discounted rate. some are paying $1800 for rent. on a middle class income, some people just can't make it. >> i'm went down to fema to apply foreign tall assistance and they -- they -- i went to
8:25 am
them to help and they made a mistake on my paperwork and waiting all those weeks only to go back and i'm still waiting to see if i can get rental assistance. these people, they can't wait. banks want to get paid. landlords want to get paid. >> bills keep coming in. >> right. so i'm hope this bill is passed and i'm hoping we can get some assistance. >> very good. >> jason and -- >> ashleigh -- >> hopefully, it will come this afternoon that vote is expected to happen at about 4:30 this afternoon. so hopefully you will have some good news for fran and it's up to you, folks, in that building. make it happen. back after this.liga ons, but ob. ons, but ob. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes
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some great video i want to share with you. dramatic rescue in northeastern australia. look at this. helicopter hovering above them. a mom with a baby stuffing that baby, scared and crying, that little boy into a bag. a bag. look at the image. and up it goes. they're trying to save these people from dangerous rising flood waters. favorite part of the video, though, when the baguettes to the helicopter, out pops the
8:29 am
little blond head. everything was fine. okay, just scared and crying and reunited with mom very, very soon. but what an amazing rescue. hello, little one. so sweet. another piece of video for you. iran saying it successfully sent this monkey into space. safely, too. state news agency there reports the little primate blasted off about 75 miles high on a rocket and made it back to earth safely. iran's face space agency is saying the first manned space mission will happen in the next five to eight years. and the pictures won't be near as cute. also, starting this week, sending a letter in the united states is going to cost you one extra penny. meaning it will now run you 46 cents to send a letter or 33 cents to send a postcard, unless you bought those forever stamps a long time ago which was really smart. those hikes are coming sbae ing the postal service lost $16 billion last year and is in
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hillary clinton is beginning her last week on the job. she is leaving the state department after four years as secretary of state. and last night she gave, i think you could call it an exit interview of sorts. it was on cbs "60 minutes" and guess who showed up, her boss. >> part of our bond is we've been through a lot of the same stuff. and part of being through the same stuff is getting whacked around in political campaigns. >> uh-huh. >> being criticized in the press. >> i think there's a sense of understanding that, you know, sometimes doesn't even take words because we have similar views, we have similar experiences, that i think provide a bond that may seem unlikely to some. >> yes, like unlikely to those of us who watched the 2008
8:34 am
political campaign between the two of you. here's a quick reminder. >> while i was working on those streets you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board of walmart. >> you were practicing law and representing your contributor restco in his slum landlord business in inner city chicago. >> they clearly buried that hatchett, didn't they? she ultimately joined his team and explained last night why she ultimately took the job of secretary of state. >> i thought, you know, if the roles had been reversed and i had ended up winning, i would have desperately wanted him to be in my cabinet. so if i'm saying i would have wanted him to say yes to me, how am i going to justify saying no to my president? >> wolf blitzer is here, anchor of "the situation room." wolf, clearly they've had a good working relationship for the last four years. there's been no reports of acrimony between the two and yet i found that to be riveting television last night.
8:35 am
i'm not sure i understand why. why is it that that seems to remarkable to watch? >> i probably because both of them are political superstars in their own right and when you put them both together it doubles the power, if you will, the president of the united states, the most powerful person in the world, and hillary clinton, the secondary of state, even has greater favorability ratings in the united states right now than he has. so it's just a very strong powerful combination. and all of us, you know, who are political news junkies, we can't help ourselves. they're both absolutely right, we can't help but think down the road in 2016 is she going to try to be the democratic presidential nominee, will she try to be the first woman president of the united states? you know, we are incorrigible as the president has said. >> wait right there because you and steve croft think alike. let me play that answer.
8:36 am
>> you guys in the press are encouraincorrigible and it was literally inaugurated four days ago. and you're talking about elections four years from now. >> yeah, and i am, as you know, steve, i'm still secretary of state so i'm out of politics and i'm forbidden from even hearing these questions. >> forbidden, no. that's what you call the skirt in politics. after skirting the question they did, wolf, give a bit of an answer. here it is. >> i don't think, you know, either he or i can make predictions about what's going to happen tomorrow or the next year. >> so, what kind of an answer is that, wolf blitzer? >> it's a diplomatic skirt, as you say. and you know when you say four years, it's not really four years. when you think about it, the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary, those are exactly three years from right now. and if you're serious about running in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina, you've got
8:37 am
to announce a year before that. so we're really talking two years. and if you're really, really serious you've got to start thinking about staffs and organization. these things go very, very quickly. she's not going to have a lot of time to rest. one thing she does have going for her is she's got the 100% name recognition and she's got a huge following out there. i've always suspected she does passionately want to be the first woman president of the united states. the only thing that's given me a little bit of cause over the past few weeks is her health. if she's not healthy, then obviously she's not going to run. she did have a concussion. she did have a blood clot between her brain and her ear in her head. she's wearing those thick glasses now to prevent double vision because of the concussion. i hope per doctors are right and they tell her she's going to be just fine. but that's the slight -- if i have a little bit of slight hesitation in thinking whether or not she's going to throw her hat in the ring, that would be the only factor in my mind having known hillary clinton and watched her over these past 20
8:38 am
years. >> yeah, thank you. wolf blitzer, and, of course, she said last night that her health was great. wolf, thank you. you're on at 4:00 again today with the "situation room." we won't miss it. massachusetts senator john kerry was nominated to take her place as secretary of state. the vote though on his confirmation could come as early as tomorrow. i want to update you on another story about health. doctors saying they're encouraged by new tests performed on former israeli prime minister asharon. he has been in a coma since suffering a massive stroke seven years ago. when doctors showed him pictures of his family or when he heard h his son's voice, his brain showed appropriate activity. they are still not optimistic about his prognosis but it was nice to know that his family is getting through to him.
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earlier this hour brianna keilar at the white house told you about a meeting, a very important meeting at the white house. this is the roosevelt room. this is the group of the major cities chiefs association and also the major county sheriffs association. the president along with joe biden gave some remarks, allowed us to record them. we want to play them for you right away. >> our deep concern about issues of gun safe did and how we can protect our communities and keep our kids safe. you know, a couple weeks ago i appeared along with joe to present the administration's ideas in terms of steps that we have to take. and i issued a number of executive actions that could be taken unilaterally in order to improve our collection of data, to make sure that we're coordinated more effectively with state and local governments, and to do everything that we could to improve the issue of gun safety and to make our communities safer. but as we've indicated before,
8:43 am
the only way that we're going to be able to do everything that needs to be done is with with cooperation of congress. and that means passing serious laws that restrict the access and availability of assault weapons and magazine clips that are not necessary for hunters and sportsmen, those responsible gun owners who are out there. it means that we are serious about universal background checks. it means that we take seriously issues of mental health and school safety. we recognize that this is an issue that illicits a lot of passion all across the country. and joe and my cabinet members who have been involved in this have been on a listening session over the last several months. no group is more important for us to listen to than our law
8:44 am
enforcement officials. they're where the rubber hits the road. so i welcome this opportunity to work with them, to hear their views in terms of what will make the biggest difference to prevent something like newtown or oak creek from happening again. but many of them also recognize that it's not only the high-profile mass shootings that are of concern here, it's also what happens on a day in and day out basis in places like chicago or philadelphia where young people are victims of gun violence every single day. that's why part of the conversation that we're going to be having today relates not only to the issue of new laws or better enforcement of our gun laws. it also means what are we doing to make sure that we have the strongest possible law enforcement teams on the ground. what are we doing to hire more cops. what are we doing to make sure they're getting the training that they need, what are we
8:45 am
doing to make sure our sheriffs offices in rural counties have access to some of the resources that some of the big cities do in order to deal with some of these emergencies? so i'm looking forward to a robust conversation. i know that this is not a shy group, mainly because they're dealing with life and death situations every single day. but i'm very grateful to them for their participation. this is a representative group. it comes from a wide cross section of communities across the country. and hopefully if law enforcement officials who are dealing with this stuff every single day can come to some basic consensus in terms of steps that we need to take, congress is going to be paying attention to them and will be able to make progress. all right? thank you very much, everybody. >> some remarks from the president. and among those who are represented today at the white house with the president, the vice president, officials from not only newtown but you heard
8:46 am
the president mention oak creek and also aurora. those are places that have been vastly effected by gun violence in the last year. and then just last to add to that ray kelly in new york city today bringing up the issue that handguns are his biggest problem representing 60% of the deaths in this city's major gun violence. there's also that issue on the burner with the conversations today as the president just mentioned, he outlined it saying that he wants to restricts assault style weapons, magazines that are unnecessary, talk about universal background checks, and also school safety. we have a lot more ahead.t iverx we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum, so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work.
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for those of you who aren't sports fans who don't recognize the graphics, this is a big week for super bowl. it's super bowl week. come sunday the baltimore ravens are going to go head to head with the san francisco 49ers. two brothers are coaching the teams. the winner of the game is going to lay claim to the lombardi troitro i trophy. right now baltimore fans are giving a sendoff to their ravens. there you go, some live pictures out of baltimore where it's cold. they are headed to the heat of new orleans where mark maccay joins us live. this must be a fun assignment for you, my friend. i don't know how you got this lucky ticket. it might be because you know a lot more about sports than i do. >> hey, we will update you, ashleigh. we will bring you up to speed.
8:50 am
everybody can get involved in super bowl week. hello from, yes, warm, muggy new orleans, louisiana, where the ravens can shed those fur coats or whatever they're wearing today. it's quite warm at least early in the week here at the super bowl city. the san francisco 49ers, ashleigh, arrived on sunday. the niners like everyone else who arrived in the super bowl city, media members like myself, ran smack-dab into mardi gras. we're talking parades, beads tossing, drinking, dancing, you know, just a ordinary january weekend here in new orleans. now, this year the super bowl collides with mardi gras. and it's not that anybody's complaining. >> i'm sorry. >> next weekend, we can't wait. it's going to be a great time in the city. everybody is going to be having a lot of fun. >> nfl, we're excited, the super bowl is here. can't wait. it's going to be a great thing for the city. >> the city is electric right now. between, you know, mardi gras
8:51 am
and the super bowl, mardi gras had to be pushed up a week so we've got a pretty much entire month of partying which we're used to. new orleans ans can handle it. >> hey, if anyone has serious concerns about the traffic in an already challenging city when it comes to big events, well, they need not worry at least in terms of the terms of the mardi gras parades. those have been put on hold for this week. they resume the parades after the game is played sunday. >> i hope they have the 49ers staying at a hotel a little farther away from the incoming ravens, because that's going to be some busy gettin'. lucky man, have that assignment. thank you. on the eve of super bowl xlvii, cnn is live in new orleans. what it means to that city and how it became such a cultural fphenomenon and more. kickoff in new orleans, cnn bleacher report. it's saturday afternoon at 4:00
8:52 am
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you know when you watch an awards show with the red carpet, keep waiting to get through all those technical awards? that's what the s.a.g. awards is like, actors awarding actors. big winner was "argo." got best cast for a motion picture. that's just as good as best picture. girlfriend, i was watching you on the red carpet, dancing and having such a blast and thought are you going to be awake tomorrow when you need to report
8:55 am
all this stuff? >> ashleigh, you're right, i have not had much sleep at all. this is kind of -- you just talked to mark. this is my super bowl season, awards season right now. i've got my game face on. i'm ready to play. you are so right. the thing about the s.a.g. awards, it is a short awards show, they only give out 13 awards, all acting awards. that's what the actors love about that. they get in, have a little party and get out. the momentum, you see him on the screen, is with ben affleck and "argo." everyone thought it would be "lincoln." one statistic is working against it going forward. ben affleck was not nominated as best director for an oscar. if the director is not nominated the movie has very little chance of winning. this year could buck that trend. i like this. this sets up for a pretty intriguing oscar night. >> all that's cool. i'm also a total sucker for
8:56 am
fashion. so, would you just give me a bit of a -- give me a red carpet rundown. i watched those incredible gowns. i hate to say it. i do get completely blown away, homer simpson like as i watch them strut down the red carpet. >> you know, it's fun. we do get taken in. i love to people watch. you see the celebrities strutting down the red carpet in these beautiful gowns it's a sight to behold. there was some people, for me, that stood out last night definitely. we're looking at pictures of, first of all, naomi watts in this gray lace gown. she looked like a dream. the theme for the night was a modern twist on old hollywood and she personified that. she just looked gorgeous. jennifer lawrence had this blue dior on last night that some people thought she had a wardrobe malfunction. she may have had a little one, but that fits her to a tee, just looked absolutely gorgeous. >> anne hathaway could wear a
8:57 am
garbage bag and look great. hello, you can see in the front of her dress. >> flirty. >> dang, that was more than flirty. i think you definitely deserve some sleep. oscars are more than a month away. thanks for your work last night. i watched you to the bitter end. february 24th, though. you get your beauty rest. cnn will have complete coverage and nischelle will do an all nighter. one.
8:58 am
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